Monday, July 26, 2010

Evil Princess Lady Barbie

So just to keep you on your toes, I've actually working on what I said I would work on in my last entry. Although I kind of forgot to post on Thursday.....

No matter!

Now there is actually something to post about! Ha!

I think sewing a villain doll is making me talk more like a villain in my head. And I write the way I speak. My apologies that you have to deal with this. Anyway, after two failed attempts (curses!) to create a bodice this morning, I got some coffee and finished the majority of the dress for Evil Princess Lady.

She looks evil, right??

The ribbon belt is a stand-in until I actually make one, which will be black. Although maybe I will use the ribbon somehow? I kind of like the contrast. I haven't really decided. I also haven't decided whether to give the dress sleeves—that's why the edges are unfinished on one side of the sleeves of the overdress. Everything needs to be ironed so that it doesn't stick out, and so that the seams are flat.

The underdress is actually two pieces, since sewing them together would have been too much work. No idea what the fabric for either is—it's all from my scraps. I think I might also add in some black embroidery on the black overdress. I know it won't photograph well, but I think it will look fancy and evil when I play with her in person.

And one more pic of her, for putting up with me so far. :P 


  1. I think flared sleeves would up the evil level a bit... or maybe those sharp/spikey shoulder pieces that some evil-doers wear (think Jafar).

  2. If I did sleeves, they would be bell or circle sleeves. I think I will do them; she just looks too informal with the sleeveless overdress. And maybe I should also make her a crown...